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Savute Lioness

These photos were taken by Fred von Winckelmann at Savute Marsh, Botswana.   Most older lionesses in the Savute Marsh look pretty …


The Breathtaking Caracal

These stunning images of a caracal were sent in by Jaap Wildeboer. What a breathtaking animal and amazing sighting! They were taken …

Spotted Eagle Owl - Wildlife Photographic College

Bush News – 1 April 2013

These are a selection of items that I’ve found particularly interesting and would like to share. I hope to add every day …

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Close Encounters in Kruger

Megan Pieterse shares some of her closest encounters with animals in Kruger. Megan is currently in high school and plans to study …


Life in the Kruger

These are some of Elize Olivier’s sightings from 2012. Here’s a photo of Nose, the hyena that Elize mentions in the Go! …