Shingwedzi Staff Rescue – Photos

I received these photographs from the Shingwedzi staff who were rescued from their living quarters on the morning of 21 January 2013. When the flooding started it was already late at night. It stopped raining at around 3am, and water levels had already subsided by the time these pictures were taken. They were shot with cellphone cameras so the quality is not great but one can still get a sense of how frightening this experience must have been.

Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-11Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-17

Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-7Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-10Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-8Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-12Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-18Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-16

Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-4Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-3Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-1Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-9Shingwedzi Rescue 2013-15

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