My favourite leopard images

By Leigh Eggers

In July 2011, we were on our way to Burchell’s Bush Lodge just outside Paul Kruger Gate. It’s quite a long journey from home, especially since we insisted on entering at Crocodile Bridge and driving through Kruger. This meant we had to keep to a less-than-ideal speed (still under the speed limit though!).

Fortunately for us, just after Nkuhlu Picnic Site on the H4-1, we came across a single car stopped on the side of the road. We slowed down as we approached, and were greeted with the most special sighting of a leopard right on the side of the road. She was very interested in some impalas in the distance. She ended up losing interest but before she sauntered off out of sight, she walked closer to our vehicle, sat upright and posed for a few shots. What a highlight to the day!

The images aren’t fantastic in terms of clarity, but they are still some of my favourite.


My Fav Leopard 1 My Fav Leopard 2 My Fav Leopard 3 My Fav Leopard 4 My Fav Leopard 5 My Fav Leopard 6 My Fav Leopard 7 My Fav Leopard 8 My Fav Leopard 9 My Fav Leopard 10

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