Kruger Floods 2012 – what happened?

On Tuesday night, 17 January 2012, it began to rain in the Kruger National Park but this was no ordinary rain. In 24 hours the Park reported having had 260mm! In the next 24 hours, another 100mm fell. Tropical Storm Dando which hit Mozambique even harder, was the culprit behind this weather. Water levels rose quickly and it soon became rather frightening for those inside the park, from Letaba down to Crocodile Bridge. Rivers swelled and bridges took strain, some campsites were flooded and some camps completely cut off for a day or two. The last time this happened was in 2000.

I was back home in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa after having only left the park on the 9th January. When I heard about the floods, I read everything I could online. I’d been wanting to launch a blog about the bush, and decided this would make an awesome first series. I know there are many in South Africa and around the world who love Kruger and would be interested in hearing about the flood and what it has done.

So with the help of my oldest brother, I quickly set up this blog and planned a rather spontaneous camping trip to Kruger on my own. I’ll be here for 9 nights driving along roads that are open and taking photos, blogging about what changes I notice, from broken bridges to filled-up dams. I’ll also add what I see – because that’s definitely the plus side of this story – I get to drive around my favourite place on earth and do what I love – look for animals and appreciate the bush.

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I’ve included a few links below which you may be interested in reading and watching. Enjoy! – video of the flood in Letaba camp – follow up news report on the flood – video of lions crossing the river – story about trapped tourists

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