Curious elephant bull visits Letaba staff village

By Elize Olivier

We love moments like this!

EO-EleVisitor-2Anton was on his way home when he found one of the big elephant bulls that walks in Letaba’s area.

The elephant decided he wanted to know how the grass and leaves taste in the staff village and visited our neighbour’s yard.

EO-EleVisitor-1The neighbour’s garden worker was not happy when he saw the elephant in the garden where he worked and he took off! You can see his wheelbarrow and garden tools left behind.

Anton took the pics and the elephant was very peaceful.

Life is wonderful in Kruger, wow!


Elize Olivier and her husband, Anton, live in Letaba staff village in the Kruger National Park. Elize drives to work outside the park everyday and so gets to see some special sightings. Keep an eye out for more of her stories.

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