A surprise visitor to our garden

Mom and I were just enjoying a lunch in the garden when we noticed the sound of birds chirping like mad. Thinking it was probably a snake causing the stir, I grabbed my binocs and went to investigate, battling to see anything in the dense vegitation. Mom suddenly shouted that she saw a big shape move in the tree and it dawned on us that this was probably the thick tailed bushbaby (or greater galago) that mom had heard calling in the early hours of this morning. We spotted it way back in the treetop, obviously having had its sleep disturbed by the birds. When it moved again, I was able to see it’s face a bit more clearly and managed to snap a memory shot – poor quality but one to hold on to for sure. Mom and I will definitely be charging up the spotlight and investigating the trees later this evening when the bushbaby should come out to forage.

Bushbabies are primates and native to Africa. They are nocturnal so it was a special treat to see one during the day. Typically, they sleep in the forks of branches during the day, often in nests made from leaves. Although they are mainly gumivorous (eating gums and saps from trees) and frugivorous (eating fruit), they do also add insects, flowers, lizards, leaves, eggs and birds to their diet. Which explains why the birds were not happy with the bushbaby being anywhere near them.

Although I can’t seem him anymore, he is definitely still around as the birds have started chirping again – how awesome that I can see his tree from my desk! I’ll give the little guy a break until this evening though. Wouldn’t want him having to move on to find more suitable accommodation!





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